RC Industry

RC Industry is an innovative company that designs and manufactures freight and passenger wagons, vehicles and components for railways and roads.

RC Industry was founded in 2003 as RC Engineering, designs and manufactures passenger and freight wagons and components.

After the acquisition, Erciyas Holding changed RC Engineering's name to RC Industry in 2016, that was the year of transformation and renewal for RC Engineering. With the financial strength and vision of Erciyas Holding, the RC Industry continues to serve with innovative applications in the sector. Expanding its product range and continuously improving its production capacity, RC Industry becomes a significant part of the Erciyas Group with sustainable growth targets with strong business partnerships all over the world. RC Industry Website

Freight Wagon

To meet the requirements of growing and demanding markets, RC Industry produces TYP approved UIC and TSI standards. RC Industry also provides a wide range of freight wagons from heated and insulated cistern Zacens Type to Zas wagons, and from high side walled ore wagons to all types of platform and wagons.

Passenger Wagon

In the passenger wagon segment, RC Industry concentrates design and R&D to offer a wide range of products including chassis, frames, sandblasting and painting of chassis and bodies for passenger trains (DMU, EMU, etc.), tramway, subway vehicles and light rail system vehicles (aluminum and carbon steel).

Road Vehicles

Road vehicles are another segment in the production pipeline at RC Industry. RC Industry designs and manufactures semi-trailers, dumper tankers (aluminum and steel) and their body and chassis components. RC Industry also produces strategic parts for individual purpose machines and service vehicles.

Fixtures and Jigs

RC Industry's experienced engineering team design, develop and manufacture fixtures and jigs of varying types and in different materials.


The bogie is the most crucial part of a railway wagons' contact with rails to provide safe travel and is also an important product in RC Industry's product range. RC industry designs and manufacture Y25 type boilers, including components, per UIC and TSI standards.

Maintenance & Repair

RC Industry conducts maintenance, repair and overhaul services in its facilities located in the Sivas Tüdemsaş industrial complex, with a 1500 wagon per year capacity. RC Industry has many domestic and international maintenance and repair certificates.